Al Frantic Band


Al Knight - Guitar, Vocals

Al Frantic

Al Knight- a man of many guitars, many pedals, and many sounds. A total gear head he is always experimenting with new toys in order to find just the right sound. His current main guitar is a Godin hybrid which allows him the versatility of three sounds with one guitar. A Strat guy by nature, Al also enjoys playing Hamer and Gibson guitars.

Al's newest toy is his his new Fuchs Audio head."How does he get that sound?" Tubes baby!Besides the amps and pedals Al adds several other tricks to the mix including a Theremin, Talk Box and Violin Bow???


Bob Fedele - Bass Guitar and Vocals

Bob Fedele

Bob Fedele- Bob has been playing electric bass since high school days in Brooklyn, New York. Now a northern New Jersey resident, you may have seen him perform with several classic rock bands including At It Again, The Sign of Four and One Too Many.

He is a firm believer in the philosophy that you cannot have too many bass guitars.


Mark Papianni - Drums, Percussion

Mark Papianni

Mark Papianni- Drums, percussion and vocals. Long-time Al Frantic friend, Mark brings a whole new beat to the Al Frantic Band.

Mary Knight - Manager, Live Sound, Percussion, Spiritual Advisor

Al Frantic Band MaryMary is busy behind the scenes making sure venues and live sound in place. Mary will also pick up a tambourine or rhythm shakers adding some accents to the percussion.

Fetching beer, handing out business cards, mixing the sound, roadie, and smiling, Mary is the Mr. Kincaid of the Al Frantic Band.

If you are interested in booking the band for your party or venue then give Mary a call today- 973-934-9764 or drop us an email: Email Frantic!